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June 14, 2013 / bytebender

What is bitly?

What is bitly and why would I want to use it?, basically takes long urls like: that you might want to post on a social network and turns them into this: It is really helpful on sites like twitter where you only get 140 characters.

I don’t use twitter so I really don’t need it.

The other thing using bitly links give you is stats. Lots of pretty pie charts and bar graphs! It is a lot of fun to see where your links have traveled all around the world.


OK… so how will that help what I do?

Take for example my cousins beautiful handmade clothing business, The Fuzzy Sheep. She shares a lot of her work on Facebook and other places. If she shared here links with bitly she could get an idea of how interested people are in certain items or categories. Maybe people are clicking a lot on her links for  mitts and scarfs right now, I don’t know.

Another, my friend Brian who works for Sound Mortgage. If he shared his links with bitly, it might help him know he gets a lot more engagement from his post on site A vs. site B.

Sounds cool, but I am not always at my computer.

Well, bitly apps are available on iTunes, built by bitly themselves and on the Android market. I happen to have built one for Android (DBitly) so if you have any question or ideas feel free to contact me. BTW, I am not affiliated with bitly in any way.



July 5, 2011 / bytebender

D Bitly Tip #2

Did you know you can send feedback anonymously from the D Bitly android app? All you do is press menu button, tap feedback and fill it in. I can’t tell you how important feedback is to a developer. I wrote this app because I wanted to be able to shorten and access previously shortened links right from my droidx. Maybe you like this app but you would like it even better if it did…

In a previous post I talked about my lack of feedback for the app Contact to Clipboard. That app uses email as the feedback method. I quickly realized that most people don’t want there email address going out to just anyone so I began looking for an alternative solution. The new method that I have come up with, simply post the information you provided to a Google docs form I created. You can leave a way for me to contact you in the comment field or not. It is totally up to you.

Thanks so much to everyone who has left feedback in the market and sent me emails. I just want you all to know there are several ways to get a hold of me if you have problems or suggestions for any of apps I have created.

  1. Leave a comment anywhere here
  2. Email me at bytebenderapps at
  3. Twitter @bytebenderapps
  4. Straight from the D Bitly app
  5. Leave feedback in the market

I also will be implementing this new feedback method into Contact to Clipboard soon.


June 29, 2011 / bytebender

D Bitly Tip #1

This is the first of a series of tips that I plan on doing for my apps. First you need to have D Bitly on your android device you can get that here.

Most of us for better or worse, are in front a computer and usually have our smart phone next to us as well. If you are like me you go back and forth because some things are just easier on your phone then on a computer. Here is a trick I just came up with today.

Let say you want to text someone a link, send a link with your personal email and you can’t access it on your work computer. :0) or Facebook, whatever. Shorten the link either by going to the website or using your browser extension. Then grab your phone and open D Bitly and tap the history button. Boom! There it is, share to till your hearts content.

June 25, 2011 / bytebender

D Bitly got Featured!

So Friday morning I woke up and checked my email on my droidx like I do every morning and notice I had a couple of emails indicating that people had replied to my forum thread for D Bitly and thought, that’s cool. Then I went the android market publishers site and checked my numbers for downloads and things like that, everything looked normal. Finally I went to and checked my stats for shortened links (I know… Hello my name is John and I am addicted to statistics).

If you use you know that page loads and then there is this cool graph that expands showing the number of clicks this week. It was in the 50’s! I don’t ever get numbers like that. I scanned down the page to see where they were coming from and they all had been hits to a link that points to the android market for my D Bitly app. My mind immediately went back to an article I had seen on xda-developers for an android app that used Google’s url shortener It’s really what motivated me to post the thread for my app. I remember thinking, how cool would it be if my app got featured like this one.

Well it did! I was so excited. By that time I was headed to Starbucks to get coffee and laptop power cord I had left there the day before, oops. I was WOOTING in my car (if that is a word). Okay, so here is the article and thanks so much to everyone who has left comments, tweeted and retweeted, facebook liked, etc.

The one feature that several people have asked for is statistics for your previously shortened links. I am going to get that out to you as soon as I can.

“Just one more…” Thanks so much to everyone and please let me know if you are having problems or have an idea for the app.


June 2, 2011 / bytebender

I need your help

I really don’t like this icon. I feel I did ok with my first app Contact to Clipboard but I couldn’t get the one for D Bitly looking like I want it to. So I am looking for a graphic artist, someone who is portfolio building. This is a free app so I would not be paying you for this job. I would give you credit here on this blog and on the app via a link and/or logo, we can discuss those details.

Here are the icon design guidelines for those of you who have never built an android icon.

I have lots more ideas for apps, especially paid apps, which I would be paying you for your work. So leave a comment if you’re interested with a link to some of your work. I hope who ever you are we can help each other out. Thanks!

Edit: I think I might keep the icon as is… I have grown to like it. It is short and simple. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

May 19, 2011 / bytebender

100 – 500

Contact to Clipboard broke 100 downloads yesterday! Thanks so much to all of you who have downloaded the app. I have yet to receive a single feedback email though from any of you and to me that is feedback in itself. After thinking about it most of you, including myself, would not give your email address out to any “Joe Android” developer. I want to respect your privacy. I will be researching and implementing a way to get your feedback without using email. So thanks for your non-feedback feedback and look forward to an update.

April 22, 2011 / bytebender

Contact to Clipboard Free

I just released a free version of Contact to Clipboard. you can download it from the market here. It has ads and limits just a couple of the paid app’s features. My hope is to get a significant amount of downloads and increase my search rankings. There a some of great apps out there but it also appears to be a lot of [insert adjective] apps flooding the market. It seems to be a matter of being found and I hope this will help.