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June 25, 2011 / bytebender

D Bitly got Featured!

So Friday morning I woke up and checked my email on my droidx like I do every morning and notice I had a couple of emails indicating that people had replied to my forum thread for D Bitly and thought, that’s cool. Then I went the android market publishers site and checked my numbers for downloads and things like that, everything looked normal. Finally I went to and checked my stats for shortened links (I know… Hello my name is John and I am addicted to statistics).

If you use you know that page loads and then there is this cool graph that expands showing the number of clicks this week. It was in the 50’s! I don’t ever get numbers like that. I scanned down the page to see where they were coming from and they all had been hits to a link that points to the android market for my D Bitly app. My mind immediately went back to an article I had seen on xda-developers for an android app that used Google’s url shortener It’s really what motivated me to post the thread for my app. I remember thinking, how cool would it be if my app got featured like this one.

Well it did! I was so excited. By that time I was headed to Starbucks to get coffee and laptop power cord I had left there the day before, oops. I was WOOTING in my car (if that is a word). Okay, so here is the article and thanks so much to everyone who has left comments, tweeted and retweeted, facebook liked, etc.

The one feature that several people have asked for is statistics for your previously shortened links. I am going to get that out to you as soon as I can.

“Just one more…” Thanks so much to everyone and please let me know if you are having problems or have an idea for the app.



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  1. Gordon Hudson / Jun 28 2011 8:53 am

    This is a much needed app and it works with my custom domain at Bitly. The only thing missing is the ability to publish to Facebook and Twitter at the same time, but this is a minor issue. Well done on filling this missing link in the Bitly service.

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