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June 14, 2013 / bytebender

What is bitly?

What is bitly and why would I want to use it?, basically takes long urls like: that you might want to post on a social network and turns them into this: It is really helpful on sites like twitter where you only get 140 characters.

I don’t use twitter so I really don’t need it.

The other thing using bitly links give you is stats. Lots of pretty pie charts and bar graphs! It is a lot of fun to see where your links have traveled all around the world.


OK… so how will that help what I do?

Take for example my cousins beautiful handmade clothing business, The Fuzzy Sheep. She shares a lot of her work on Facebook and other places. If she shared here links with bitly she could get an idea of how interested people are in certain items or categories. Maybe people are clicking a lot on her links for  mitts and scarfs right now, I don’t know.

Another, my friend Brian who works for Sound Mortgage. If he shared his links with bitly, it might help him know he gets a lot more engagement from his post on site A vs. site B.

Sounds cool, but I am not always at my computer.

Well, bitly apps are available on iTunes, built by bitly themselves and on the Android market. I happen to have built one for Android (DBitly) so if you have any question or ideas feel free to contact me. BTW, I am not affiliated with bitly in any way.




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